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Nowadays, Mobile & Internet can be considered as the most powerful communication source on earth, employed for broadcasting of information as well as for advertising. Large MNC’s are employing these sources to sell their products and services as well as for the propagation of their website and products. They invite people around the globe to join them as their connections and make business for them and subsequently they make huge profits.


Alike to this, is adding a sum ranging between Rs 9,000- to 40,000/- per month in the paychecks of millions of Indians and structuring their lives where they find more comfort as well achieve worthiness. Students, unemployed people, housewives, retired or can say anyone can apply for the jobs here and make a share for their family. As an advantage the business plan is not bounded under some age criteria. People of any age can apply for any of the job freely. is an online platform working to promote the cause and get the job accomplished at reasonable cost. We consider modernizing our countrymen’s life luxurious as our duty and so we have decided to give a break to all the people irrespective of their class.


The idea to pursue a home-based business is only a beginning step towards becoming one's own boss.

Are you trying to find good online data entry Jobs and Online Typing Jobs from home over internet? Sure, you are free to work from your home and as a bonus you can earn money for the work in between Rs 9000 – Rs 40,000 per month. The only requirement from our end is your typing skills. As you are free to work from anywhere or from your home itself or from a cyber café, your only requirement would be a laptop or computer.

Don't worry, as we assure you with the 100% legitimacy of the work. gets orders and works from a range of companies/book publishers/online e-papers/magazine sellers etc. The work is simple. You are provided with softcopies of books and magazines etc by our end in Image or PDF format. You have to type the data in MS Word and have to save the document in the form of MS word file. Then after, you are liable to send these soft copies to our comany email

These typed papers are exhibited online and here it is sold as soft-copy of novels and soft books/electronic book which can be read by anyone on his/her tablet phones. Besides, there is a huge demand of good typers on internet who are good with typing of books or hand written documents.

As an initial step, you have to download the pdf file as to fulfill the job motive. Yet, you have to pay a nominal fee to the company for the file prior to downloading. Moreover, these days there has been an increase in the demand of soft book whether it is any technical institute's matter/or any course related syllabus/school/college study materials where you can take the study stuff on your tab and start reading.

Note: Basic requirement for this work is common knowledge of internet surfing and enjoy good typing skills.

Hence, why to kill time? Apply today!