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SINGAPORE, 11 November 2015 – Global location data company BlisMedia has commenced operations in Dubai as part of the company’s rapid international expansion plans. Blis’ foray into the Middle East follows its recent office openings in Hong Kong and Australasia earlier this year, and key executive hires across the globe.


import os 
import sys 
import re 
import time 
import urllib2 
def perror_and_exit(message, status = -1): 
    sys.stderr.write(message 'n') 
def get_text_from_html_tag(html): 
    pattern_text =  re.compile(r">.*?    return pattern_text.findall(html)[0][1:-2].strip() 
def parse_alexa(url): 
    url_alexa = "" % url 
    print url_alexa 
    #handle exception  
    times = 0 
    while times < 5000: #等待有一定次数限制  
            alexa = urllib2.urlopen(url_alexa).read() 
            pattern_table = re.compile(r"

substance 物质

Problem Description
When ALPC42 got to a panzer brigade, He was asked to build software to help them regroup the battalions or companies.
As the tradition of army, soldiers are rated according his or her abilities, taking the rate as an integer. The fighting capacity of a company is determined by the soldier in this company whose rate is lowest. Now the recruits those rated are coming and join to their companies according to the order form HQ.
With the coming of new recruits, a big regroup action reached, asking to merge some companies into one. The designation of a company, however, will not be canceled, but remain for memorialize what the company is done, means the designation of the company is still exist, but the company is gone, so it is unable to ask recruits to join this company, or merge the company into others.
A strange thing is, the orders sometimes get wrong, send newbie to a company which is already merged into another, or mentioned some only-designation-existed companies. Such order could be rejected.
The brigadier wants to know every change of each order, so the program should able to report the status of every order, telling whether it is accept, and can query the fighting capacity of specified company. (To simplify, companies are numbered from 0 to n-1

1010cc时时彩平台 1


.*?", re.DOTALL | re.MULTILINE) 
            match_table = pattern_table.search(alexa) 
            if not match_table: 
                raise BaseException("No table in HTML") 
            print "try %s times:sleep %s seconds" % (times, 2**times) 
            times = 1  
    table = match_table.group() 
    pattern_tr = re.compile(r"

scope 范围

There may be several test cases.
For each case, the integers in first line, n, k, m, telling that there are n companies, k soldiers already, and m orders needs be executed. (1<=n ,k ,m<=100000).
Then k lines with two integers R and C for each, telling a soldier with rate R is now in company C
Then m lines followed, containing 3 kinds of orders, in upper case:
AP x y
A recruit with ability rate x were asked to join company y. (0<=x<2^31, 0<=y<n)

select date_format(time, '%Y-%m-%d') as day from table_name;

.*?", re.DOTALL | re.MULTILINE) 
    match_tr = pattern_tr.findall(table) 
    if len(match_tr) != 2: 
        perror_and_exit("table format is incorrect") 
    icp_tr = match_tr[1] 
    pattern_td = re.compile(r"

feature 特征

MG x y
Company x and company y is merged. The new company is numbered as x. (0<=x, y<n)


.*?", re.DOTALL | re.MULTILINE) 
    match_td = pattern_td.findall(icp_tr) 
    #print match_td  
    company_name = get_text_from_html_tag(match_td[1]) 
    company_properties = get_text_from_html_tag(match_td[2]) 
    company_icp = get_text_from_html_tag(match_td[3]) 
    company_icp = company_icp[company_icp.find(">") 1:] 
    company_website_name = get_text_from_html_tag(match_td[4]) 
    company_website_home_page = get_text_from_html_tag(match_td[5]) 
    company_website_home_page = company_website_home_page[company_website_home_page.rfind(">")

preserve 保护

GT x
Report the fighting capacity of company x. (0<=x<n)

select unix_timestamp(date) as day from table_name;

  • 1:] 
        company_detail_url = get_text_from_html_tag(match_td[7]) 
        pattern_href = re.compile(r"href=".*?"", re.DOTALL | re.MULTILINE) 
        match_href = pattern_href.findall(company_detail_url) 
        if len(match_href) == 0: 
            company_detail_url = "" 
            company_detail_url = match_href[0][len("href=""):-1] 
        return [url, company_name, company_properties, company_icp, company_website_name, company_website_home_page, company_detail_url] 
    if __name__ == "__main__": 
        fw = file("out.txt", "w") 
        for url in sys.stdin: 
            fw.write("t".join(parse_alexa(url)) "n") 

paw 手爪

For each order there is exact one line to report the result.
For AP and MG order, print “Accept” if it is able to be done, and execute it, or “Reject” if it is an illegal order.
For GT order, if company x is still exist (not merged into others), print as “Lowest rate: y.” which y is the minimal rate of soldiers in this company. If there is no one in this company, tell "Company x is empty." If company x is already merged into others, print "Company x is a part of company z." z is the company where the company x is in.
Print a blank line after each case


import os
import sys
import re
import time
import urllib2

regarding 关于

Sample Input
5 5 10
5 0
5 1
5 2
5 1
5 0
GT 0
GT 3
AP 3 3
GT 3
GT 4
MG 3 4
GT 4
MG 1 3
GT 4
GT 1

select from_unixtime(1488211200, '%Y-%m-%d') as day from table_name;

def perror_and_exit(message, status = -1):
    sys.stderr.write(message 'n')

He booked the holiday without reagrding my wishes.

Sample Output
Lowest rate: 5.
Company 3 is empty.
Lowest rate: 3.
Company 4 is empty.
Company 4 is a part of company 3.
Company 4 is a part of company 1.
Lowest rate: 3.